Our company continues the activities of Stefan Petliński's wood-carving and carpentry studio, which enjoyed popularity in the interwar period.
We participated in the renovation of Poznań Town Hall, the Warsaw Łazienki Park, the Wilanów palace, the Warsaw and Cracow castles, Biblioteka Raczyńskich (the Raczyński Library) in Poznań, the mansion in Oblęgorek and many other buildings.
We are still producing period furniture based on designs presented in museums. All our products have certificates from the National Artistic and Ethnographic Commission guaranteeing that these products are handicraft items, which is confirmed by our stamp and certificate appended to each piece of furniture. We can thus assure you that the furniture you buy is unique, made of natural materials and has been manufactured in a manner that respects tradition.
We have a professional approach to the manufacture of our furniture and wish to create extraordinary products.
The best satisfaction is recognition from our most demanding customers.